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Monday, 25 May 2015

The Challenge: 365 Days Later.

The day finally came! I'll be honest, the year flew by faster than I could have imagined, and despite my wildest fears I still have a full head of hair, and healthy hair at that!

The year was full of moments of weakness, wanting to cut or colour my hair. Wanting to grow it out and wanting to cut it all off. Wanting to see my natural colour and wanting fiery shades of red or warm chocolate browns or the whitest blonde you've ever seen. But, alas, I made it. (As a side note I have a friend who is a hair-chameleon, I'll just continue living vicariously through her).

The below photos are from the 365th day of my journey. My hair was lifeless, but i'd managed to get six solid inches of growth and was really happy with the colour - colour I haven't seen in 12 years!!

The inverted bob grew out surprisingly well. Leaving me with jagged, but mostly single length hair. The coloured portion of my hair had become extremely brassy, so I was definitely ready for some fresh ends and colour. 

My dear friend Becky from Beauty by Bexx was up for the task of fixing my overgrown jungle hair. So, one year later, she stepped up to the plate, and hit it out of the park! Becky has a super intimate home salon. She studied at John Casablancas Institute in Vancouver and has now been practicing for one year. 

Becky was floored at how healthy my hair was, despite the year off from proper hair care. She was excited to get some fresh colour in, adding some foils only to the hair that was previously coloured, bringing it up a few levels and then toning it to a beautiful ashy colour. 

I think it's safe to say the results were stunning! A friend even remarked "I'd pin that!"

I'm sure many are wondering, would I go a year without a hair cut or colour again? And the answer is, yes! I don't know that I will, but I most certainly would. It's not for everyone. If you use heat everyday, or express yourself through your hair, then I wouldn't recommend it. But for me, it worked! It's not probable that I will go that long again, but I also don't think I will be a regular salon visitor, not so long as I am sporting a hair style or colour that doesn't require constant maintenance. 

Now I'm left to find a new goal... any suggestions??