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Friday, 20 March 2015

The Challenge: Decisions, Decisions.

Last Friday I reached the ten month mark in my challenge to go one year with out cutting or dying my hair. It's made the frizzy, broken, dry hair that inhabits my head a little easier to bear, but it also came with a large dilemma. What do I do with my hair?

I've gone through some extremes during this journey. From wanting an incredibly vibrant red to convincing myself a pixie cut would look stunning... I've basically run the gauntlet. But now that the hour is nearly upon me, I just can't decide. So I'm asking for you help. Maybe you've read along from the beginning, maybe you've known me all my life, or maybe you've just started reading about my journey, but regardless you do have an opinion, and I want to hear it.

For this post I took some photos of my natural hair; unbrushed, air dried, natural. Have a look and then decide: what should I do with my hair? 

My hair has a lot of "attitude" - unruly waves and too much volume.

Leave me a comment here, or on Facebook. My next post will be after the cut: stay tuned!!

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